How to Lose Arm Fat

Losing fat from arms is not easy but if you need to understand how to learn how to lose arm fat real fast then you must avoid one-muscle exercises that you are so used to seeing on the internet and in some training manuals. Everyone who is health conscious knows that losing arm fat is a tough job since arms do not get as much attention as the rest of our body. Secondly during most exercises, arm action is limited hence arms muscles don’t get to advance or develop much. For this reason some people feel that they must only do one muscle exercise like triceps and bicep workouts, then they will get lean arms but while this is true to some extent, the results can be quite disappointing.

Max Workouts

To get faster results, it is important to do total body workouts which involve arm action as well.

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Instead of just doing triceps and bicep moves, Shin Ohtake of Max Workouts says one should incorporate total body workouts that will raise metabolism and burn fat faster resulting in better shaped arms.

Yet another good tip is to incorporate arm exercise in cardio along with other workouts to get the most out of bicep and triceps exercise using dumbbells.  It’s got to be observed that healthy diet  which is high in protein helps in minimizing arm fat and contributes to more shapely arms. Some good exercises for losing arm fat include push-ups which are among the most effective ways of losing arm fat. Once again we should reiterate that exercise works because it’s a total body exercise involving different abs and leg muscles, quads and other muscles at the same time. Also bring variation in push-up exercises to get the most out of them in order to achieve lean,toned arms. After twenty minutes of exercise, it is good to consume something in high protein that immediately restores muscle mass and helps in faster  reduction of fat.

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Shin Ohtake sums up some of the mistakes people make not just in trying to lose rm fat but in trying to shape all parts of their body. We’ve already covered 1) doing isolated exercises , then there is 2) doing long bouts of cardio only and the third one is :

3) Working Out With Machines

Sophisticated machines may make your gym seem impressive but Shin reckons about the only thing they’re good for is for sitting down while you tie your shoes or catch your breath! The problem is this: Machines alter the way your body naturally moves and restrict your range of motion. This severely limits your ability to fully activate all of your muscles fibers.

4) The fourth mistake is Doing the Same Workouts Over and Over

This speaks for itself.  If you’re like me- I get bored in gyms.  I also don’t like hearing the piped pop music you get in some gyms.  I was in Korea once and it felt like I was exercising with robots!  Shin Ohtake provides workouts that are changeable and varied so your body does not get used to one standard set of exercises for arms or other parts of the body.

5) Doing LONG workouts

Longer workouts do NOT necessarily add up to better results for your arms. If you’ve been slaving away at the gym and your body isn’t visibly changing, you can’t keep repeating the same things and expect different results.

When it comes to getting lean and fit, your body responds to quality above quantity. Let Shin Ohtake guide you through his exercise routine including the #1 way to super-charge your workout for arms and all-over body!


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