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Covenantguy on How to lose arm fat and arm exercises


Hi, “Covenantguy” here.  I am an internet marketer, article writer, and independent health researcher and really like keeping myself healthy and so have a keen interest in learning the latest fitness programs and seeing if they are any good.

I have written a lot of Product Reviews and on websites such as Natural Detox Tips .

A primary aim of my website is to assist people in finding the best products for specific problems-in this case it would be losing weight off arms or belly fat.  Having suffered from chronic health conditions myself, I have found through research that there are often effective alternative remedies available.  There are many scams  too.  The ones that worked in my case I  either write about, such as The 40 Strong Fitness Program (this is a fitness program not a health remedy) on sites such as this, or recommend programs and remedies that are well-attested, have been researched by others who are experts in their field.

You are advised to consult with your own health professional before undertaking any health program, or taking any health product advertised, as there is “wisdom among many counselors” and not everyone responds to remedies in the same way-refer to the site disclaimer.

I believe God wants us all to live the “good life” which God has enabled us all to live if we meet his covenant conditions.

The programs outlined on this site should help you to live healthier, overcoming one of the most common problems of modern times (plaguing not just westerners but now many in the rising economies of the East)-the problems of obesity,over-eating and wrong eating.

-You can read more on Covenantguy on his Squidoo lens Covenantguy or read health and other articles at his site John Reason.com

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