Why a muscular strength workout is one of the best things you can do to lose arm fat

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Arm exercises need to feature in any program to lose arm fat. If all you are doing is enrolling on a diet program, you are simply decreasing the calories you need to live a normal life. By curbing calories the idea is that you burn calories stored elsewhere-one of the main sources being fat. But the other source is muscle. If you opt to workout-and we will tell you a bit in a moment about the benefits of Max Workouts-you are effectively instructing the body to burn up all your fat stores and leave the muscles alone because these are perceived by the body’s complex inner systems to be essential for the normal functions of life. And if you slowly start working out and reducing fat overall, then you should also see the fat coming off your arms;and arms, typically,are not the easiest place to lose fat from.

Why Less is More

Shin Ohtake, fitness trainer and chiropractor, believes Less is More. Doing a dozen exercises at a time does not, he says, give you a better workout. The improper application of doing isolated exercises (one muscle at a time) and their overuse has led to an undesirable fitness situation for those looking to lose fat and gain the physique they desire. Contrastingly with his arm exercises and all-over body exercises,he believes in keeping exercise simple and that an ordinary pair of dumbbells, barbells and a place where you can do pull-ups , is all that you need. He uses simple “compound movements that recruit as many muscles as possible in the most functional manner. The foundation of these movements include squats,dead-lifts ,press-ups and pull-ups” and has designed a highly effective exercise program around them.

What are some good exercises to lose arm fat?

Dumbbell curls and tricep exercises are good arm fat exercises. They place strain on the biceps and triceps, so targeting them will tone them up faster. The reason the triceps are targeted is that that particular muscle makes up 2/3 of your arm anyway

Good exercises for the arms include:

A)Triceps Dips

Arm Exercises|Max Workouts

Triceps Dips

1. Sit down on chair or bench.

2. Start with your hands next to or just below the hips.

3. Lift yourself up onto your  hands and bring the hips forward.

4. Bend the elbows (no lower than 90 degrees) and let your hips lower, ensuring they are hard up against the chair. Keep your shoulders down.

5. Push up again taking care not to lock your elbows.  Now do 10-15 repetitions.

Useful Tips

  • Keep the hips close to the bench or chair so that pressure remains on the triceps and not your shoulders.
  • Keep the shoulders down and away from the ears so as to avoid any injury.
  • To make the exercise easier, move the feet closer in. To make it harder, walk the feet out or raise them up  on another chair or bench

B) Another Home-Based Triceps Exercise: Close Grip pushups

Also called a “triangle pushup” and is regularly used in the armed forces, so is a great way to make inroads into those fatty bits!

1)start on your knees and with your hands placed firmly on the floor make a triangle shape (drop your hips as much as possible)

2)letting your elbows flare out naturally to the sides, push up

3)and then come down again to the floor bringing your chest over your hands

4)and then push back up

  • a more advanced technique is where you start off on your toes with your head  facing forward looking down at about a 45 degree angle

Now watch this Youtube demonstration-Close Grip pushups:

C)Overhead dumbell press

1)Start with toes either pointing straight ahead or flared out.

2)Keep knees locked-do not bend

3) Keep your head looking straight ahead with chin parallel to floor

4) Bring dumbbells to shoulder height and move the elbows out to approximately 90 degrees from the body. Your forearms should be almost vertical to the floor and the elbows should be either at or just below the shoulder.

5) Tighten abs,thighs and butt muscles

6) Press the dumbbells up until your arms are straight overhead. Pause briefly at the top. Do not stop the movement while the arms are bent only slightly-you need to work the triceps. At the top the wrists,elbows,shoulder and knees should form a straight line.

See YouTube video of Overhead Dumbell Press below:

Are Shin Ohtake workout routines a Better way to lose Arm Fat?

Shin Ohtake of Max Workouts has a different approach to workout routines to help specifically lose arm fat and lose back fat.  He says: “As for exercises to lose arm fat and back fat…I would recommend promoting doing full body exercises, as supposed to the traditional (non-effective) isolated exercises that target those areas. All of the full body exercises (along with workouts) are detailed in my book/program, but you can use squat press ups as one example of a full body exercise that your reader can use ad try out. The description of the exercise is as follows:

D) The Squat Press-Up.

Here’s how you do it (you can use dumbbells, a barbell, or even kettlebells):

1. Start in a standing position with the weight on your shoulders
2. Squat down until your thighs become parallel to the floor (or lower if possible), keeping your back straight and your chest up. (NOTE: flare your toes slightly outward so that your knees track properly (keeping your toes pointed straight forward is a common mistake that can cause unnecessary knee pain)
3. Come up from the squat position and push the weights up off of your shoulders
4. Finish the movement with your arms fully extended overhead
5. Bring the weights back down to your shoulders as you’re going back down into the squat and repeat (this is considered one movement

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Dumbell Press

Picture courtesy of Reactive Gym Flickr

E)Dumbell high pulls (which Shin covers in his ebook)

1)With these arm exercises you start in a standing position with dumbbells in hands in front of you

2)then slightly flex forward from the hips and marginally bend the knees bringing the dumbells to mid-thigh level

3)Then quickly extend hips and knees and shrug the shoulders up to propel the dumbbells up

4)Use your arms to guide the dumbbells to chest height.  Your elbows will be at this stage somewhere around ear height

5)Bring the dumbbells back down to your hips to the start

6)Repeat again

Other arm exercises include dumbbell curls and dumbbell lateral raises.  We shall be showing more pics and information on other handy exercises in Arm Exercises (2).

What equipment do I need for my max workouts?

You will need only two, at most three, basic pieces of equipment to do these arm exercises:

•    Dumbbells

•    a set of barbells

•    A bar to pull up on

These are relatively inexpensive compared to other types of fitness equipment. And every barbell exercise can be done with dumbbells as described in each of Shin Ohtake’s workouts.

For dumbbells we recommend you find a set that you add and remove weights from as the exercise requires.  If you have a gym in your garage, all you will require is a squat rack with a basic barbell set.

The other piece of equipment that is a good idea is a Gymboss.  It’s not essential, but does help with the Rest Intervals.

Rest Intervals

Max workouts is based on short, high-intensity workouts based on 3 variables-time (which is the time allocated to resting between exercises, or rest intervals), weight (load) and speed.  With interval training you will need a stopwatch, but when intervals are short -like they often are in max workouts- Shin has found that it becomes a hassle to keep looking down at the stopwatch:that’s why he suggests one gets a Gymboss, because it has been specially designed for interval training.  Again, if you are on a budget, stick with the dumbbells (you may even be able to get them off a less fit friend who has buried them somewhere never to be used again) and just find something to pull up on.

Shin Ohtake gives instructions and exercise descriptions for an intensity workout of all the muscle groups, so not just arm exercises. But if you follow his program (obviously take into account your own fitness level and go at your own pace) you should start to see those arms toning up nicely. Have a look as well at these testimonials.

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