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Fat cells are more concentrated in certain parts of the body, a prime example of which is arm fat. It can be especially difficult to lose arm fat,which

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is usually influenced by genetics, a poor diet or simply being overweight. The reason for this is that arm fat contains more fat cells than other parts of the body; which makes it much harder to burn off and tone. There are a number of arm exercises that specifically tone or trim arm fat. However without the right diet they can be quite ineffective and you’d gain fat just as soon as you lost it.

Arm fat and fat accumulation in particular parts or the body is quite noticeable and are leading causes of low self-esteem, emotional and social problems among individuals suffering from being overweight or obese.

To lose arm fat is not the only thing that’s hard. It is also very difficult to lose back fat, another example of concentrated fat cells, which can prove to be a real challenge to shed and requires a proper diet to be effective. The Diet Solution shows great potential for helping achieve this kind of weight loss, because it focuses on maintaining a practical diet alongside other efforts such as cardio and muscular exercise.

This answer to a question from a person trying to lose back fat, by a University of Cincinnati fitness specialist also proves the importance of a stable, healthy diet in addition to exercise, to lose unwanted weight in particular areas of the body.

As an avid health and fitness enthusiast, I’m always scouting for the latest and most effective in diet and fitness programs. And as we all know, there’s no one solution to our fitness problems and no program works wonders for everybody, but there are some that show great potential – and these are the ones I’m most interested in.

One program that has caught my attention is Isabel de Los Rios’ Diet Solution, it focuses on maintaining a healthy diet alongside routine workouts and exercises.


Here’s what sets The Diet Solution apart from the others that claim to be the best diet program available.

The first thing you’ll notice after reading The Diet Solution is that it does not encourage you to starve yourself or deprive yourself, it emphasizes on the benefits of restraint and control; Instead of encouraging you to deprive your body of foods that are required for a healthy active life.

For example most diet programs would have you totally avoid carbohydrates, since they’re associated with weight gain. The Diet Solution program doesn’t, because totally eliminating carbs from your diet might product short term benefits. But considering the busy on-the-go lifestyles most of us endure, carbs actually serve a purpose: most of our energy comes from them; carbs contain plenty of nutrients and vitamins that keep our bodies healthy and active. And they’re a source of natural fiber, which is vital for a healthy digestive system.

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After reading The Diet Solution, the first thing I noticed is the sheer amount of information contained within and the lack of tacky claims I’ve come across in other programs, such as being the “quickest way to lose weight”. Apart from the standard diet information and the eating guide, The Diet Solution has plenty of other helpful resources to help you lose weight and stay healthy.

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DSP Quick Start Guide: A quick start guide with information about the diet and how to obtain the right mindset for staying motivated.

Metabolism identification guide: lets you identify your body’s metabolism by answering simple questions about your appetite and basic eating habits.

Food Journal: Helps you keep track of your calorie intake, with caloric values for different meals.

Healthy Shopping guide: Helps you shop for healthy food that will sustain your diet.

Recipe Guide: The Diet Solution recipes are 98 pages of recipes for great meals that are designed to be tasty but also aid your weight loss goals. If you are like me and need help with finding recipes that are healthy and tasty this is for you.

Meal Planner: Lets you plan each meal and stay on track.

14 Days to a Sexy New Body in 2011: Answers common questions about dieting, weight loss and offers cooking suggestions and tips from the author Isabel about losing weight, sticking to your diet and staying motivated.

It’s not just me that’s impressed with the program, eight out of ten followers that I questioned, were also very satisfied with the results they had gained and attributed them to The Diet Solution’s informative take on weight loss and dieting. And while there were occasional complaints about the program being too detailed (which in my opinion is a good thing) or the recipes and shopping guide leading to expensive purchases, such as organic vegetable instead of regular vegetable; they were minor and the benefits of this program and the value contained within simply overshadow them.

All said and done, I’m impressed by The Diet Solution by Isabel De Los Rios and if you are looking to lose weight from “difficult” parts of the body like arm fat and back fat, would certainly recommend it over other so-called “best diet” programs.

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